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Icy Red

by The Zags

Dada Plan 02:35
O let me give you something free No one will hear it, but maybe If I plant it inside your hollowed-out ear This song will blare from a thousand jeeps O jesus never came to me But some power compels honey bees To pollinate minds with strange frequencies The song will drip oh so sticky sweet O nothing makes me bleed tears of certainty Like reproducing alien sounds beamed from deepest sleep O we're ever close to fantasy Around the corner we long to see The multitudes gathered to listen and sway This song will crawl inside and never leave O god the frequencies put me so at ease Sinking further into asphalt, I melt into the street Don't ever, ever pick me up Let me lie here just a little longer Until the song is over Until the song is through
Bedroom Door 02:29
D / A / C / G / A G A Shadows slipping down my bedroom door G A Summer sun is high, I'm on the floor D A G A Yeah, I know life's on the other side D A G A But all I wanna do is hide D A Bm G A And my mind is too fucked up to explain it with a metaphor F#m Bm A G I can hear you Em A Knock, knock, knock on my bedroom door F#m Bm A G And I know that you can't stand it Em A Anymore. Em A I'm sure! Shadows melt together into one My day is over before it's begun I walked up and down the hall Put the kettle on for tea Lived my life inside parentheses I can hear you knock, knock, knock on my bedroom door And I know that you can't stand it anymore I'm sure!
E / G# / E / A# (x2) E G# E A# Nicky slides under the chainlink fence E G# E A# Always staying in the present tense A F#m Gathers up some peaches from the tree E G# E A# Across the creek, tall grass grows undisturbed E G# E A# Lots of thistle and some wild herbs, but A F#m Nicky knew the way to cut right through A F#m Knew just how to recognize the clues E / G# / E B E Sweet tastes even better when you're C# F# Laughing at the threat of a fool's vendetta D# G#m Just smile, and let the juice spill over A B A whole plus a third makes a four-leaf clover Up a cottonwood to get the view Nothing's doing but that's nothing new Action is what does it, so they say We may not see tomorrow, but we've got today Sweet tastes even better When you're laughing at the threat of a fool's vendetta Just smile, and let the juice spill over A whole plus a third makes a four-leaf clover Nicky slides under the chainlink fence Always staying in the present tense Gathers up some peaches from the tree Slides back outside the fence and Nicky's free!
The Shake 02:00
The shake throws me out of bed, I’m looking for my baby The shake fills my heart with dread, I know because This is the one, the one was to come, oh no-no For shaking, said be prepared – some cans and jugs of water The shaking’s so hard, I’m scared I feel it at 8-point 4-5-6-7-8 Better grab yourself there’s nothing else to take Don’t smoke man please, the gas is hissing like a snake In the subduction zone Someday became today (shaking through) The bridges collapsed, they say (shaking through) Has anyone seen my baby? The shake took the phones all down, I can’t find my baby Real times have come to town It’s different since 8-point 4-5, all the way to 9 Tsunami flood the river, bring the ocean up the line Fires sack the city, make it pay for its crimes In the seduction zone Tomorrow’s not yesterday (shaking through) The shake-shake-shake’s had its say (shaking through) But did it take my baby? I know I will find her safe and untorn And we will grow old and remember the shake, the shake! I’m looking for my baby Has anyone seen my baby?
Replaced 01:32
B B/A# B B/A# B B/A# Left my jacket on your kitchen chair B B/A# And this sweater's covered with your hair A A/G# I'm trying not to think about you, but it's E F# Left me feeling cold B B/A# I saw you underneath our tree B B/A# Heads touching, like you'd sit with me, as we A A/G# Stared up at the faded blue, now you're E F# Watching clouds with someone new E When I look at your sweet face F# It leaves me with no doubt -- I've been replaced B A E G Was it the way I never asked for you to stay? (I close my eyes and I see you) B A E G I thought that's what you wanted, now I see it's not (I close my eyes and I see you) B A E G Just leave me alone, delete me from your phone (I close my eyes and I see you)
One Percent 01:44
I don’t have to wonder what she does to live Only what she lives to love Always has her time free so she comes and finds me I get a glimpse of what’s above It doesn’t matter what she has I know that all of it was passed to my one, she’s my one percent All I have goes to her When she was a baby she was shown the kingdom One day it would all be hers The trust in her name’s growing, zeros continue showing Adding to her total worth But I paid my way to earn her interest I paid my way, it cost me everything and I’ll pay again She takes without trying Now you’re crawling up the stairs But the top keeps rising, too She’s up there smiling and she says “I just have different needs than you” She’s your one, she’s your one percent All you have goes to her
Sick Stereo 02:13
Don't look, not now, you won't like what you see Some things are best left forgot by history You knew she'd be coming here tonight It's not your problem, it's not your fight Not anymore Don't look, not now, all you need to know, you'll hear A hard summer's come, you're the thing she went through all last year Some people need it shoved right in their face The bitterest dish you'll ask to taste C'mon, I'll show you the door Don't look now Don't look, not now, the scene'll just unravel your nerves There's a replacement in the role you used to serve You knew they'd be showing up here tonight She's so happy and that's her right So just put your eyes on the floor And don't look now
Hidden things stay locked in my head Nothing you know, nothing anyone knows Keeping secrets knocks me dead Pushing me down, now I'm flat on the ground Concealing all these things from you To keep an ideal image true Maybe real isn't real It's just wishful thinking anyway Nothing you know, nothing anyone knows What's the shame in showing this side? Why not set it free? Should it matter to me? Never feeling satisfied Omissions piling into lies You got to feel something, feel So they'll know about it anyway Then I opened up my mouth and let the words escape You looked surprised, shrugged, and said "OK" Secrets that were locked in my head Now that you, now that all of you know I'm glad that you know, I'm not sorry you know


released May 27, 2016

Stanton Hall: voice, bass, acoustic guitar, keys
D. Ricardo: voice, guitars, trumpet, keys
Pete Schreiner: voice, drumset, percussion

Recorded by D. Ricardo and Pete Schreiner in D’s basement
Mixed by The Zags
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording
Art by Pete Schreiner



all rights reserved



The Zags Portland, Oregon


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